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thanks to:
Dave Phillips for his voice and recordings: www.tochnit-aleph.com/dp
thefreesoundproject for their tones and sounds: www.freesound.org


aえい/_・)/D・・・・・------ →;゚o゚)ザク!bout:
Dump is a work about abstract language. Communication which pretends to say something, but does not. The substance seams meaningless and incomprehensible. The work interconnects abstract spam-mail texts with schizophasia, a disorganized speech characteristic of schizophrenia. In the psychotic disorder of schizophrenia, the ability to filter and process information is disturbed. Our brain normally acts as a filter for information from the senses, helping the brain pick out which nerve messages are important. A breakdown in this filter might lead to 'information overload' - and contribute to the confusion often experienced by schizophrenics.
DUMP uses visual and auditive technics to build up a situation like it can be provoked by such a brain disfuntion. The text blocks used in the work are exlusively spam-mails, which in formal are rarely different from the speech of schizophasia. → download full project description (pdf in german)

dump was funded by:
Kunstkredit Basel Stadt: www.kunstkreditbasel.ch
Sitemapping, Bundesamt für Kultur: www.sitemapping.ch