Videos / Wild Beating Of An Innocent Heart

Wild Beating Of An Innocent Heart
single channel video, 1995
U-Matic SP (Hi-8), color, sound, 5:20 min

«All that they can see is themselfs situations in a single loation, there are two voices in every situation, everything fading away in all directions, and in a close up personal sunset it develops that the boy meets the girl, smiling into the camera, you know what I mean, you know what I’m talking about, it is an ordinary love affaire, they get married and move on, I just like to say that I’m abused to a product and I think it’s wonderful.»

Music by Intersystems - Free Psychedelic Poster Inside
1968 © Streamline

Esther Hunziker – Wild Beating Of An Innocent Heart. Video, 1995